Make your brand perform better with data driven decisions
Overall brand performance monitoring is a real problem.
Manually checking your brands indicators as well as competitors brands, website for news, promotions, launches... requires your staff to take time out from their busy schedule to look for updates and run numerous excels
Getting meta-information on competitors
(website visitors information, the performance of their ads and accurate data of their target audience) is hardly possible to get not having preconditioned parsers specifically built for the chosen industry.
More than 300 SaaS solutions offers social metrics, conversion metrics, sales metrics but... your overall brand performance and its image, reputations indicators in correlations with other market players remain intact. Brands are forced to conduct noneffective focus-researches or pay for expensive reports from top marketing agencies... that will immediately become outdated after publishing.
We offer a complex brand monitoring solution: Get automated insights based on the real market data and optimize your brand-marketing funnel: to build more engaging products and generate higher lifetime customer value.
Our analytical pipeline:
On-line sources (magazines, blogs, social media, etc.)
Your key competitors web-sites, social channels, market activity (ads, content)
Real-time web-search and current PayPerClick ads market
Clients complaints, reviews, testimonials, mentions
More than 3000 sources are analyzed in real-time
Analytical core:
statistical matrix
Linguistic classifications:
brand semantics, sentiment analysis, market trends extractions, named entity recognition, text clustering
Aggregating brand metrics
NPS, Brand semantic mapping, Brand awareness, Sentiment ratio, Satisfactions rate (CSAT), Recommendation Rate (BrandLift), audience segmentation, Share of Search, Share of Voice cts.
Finally get real-time insights to take results-drive brand and pr/marketing decisions
Generate automated insights
that will help your brand and product become the best solution for your customers:
- What product features frustrate upset your customers.
- Is your USP really correlates with your products
Brand perception and reputation/crisis management
- Get signals on serious issues related to your brand.
- Automatically find and award users who write something positive or negative about your brand.
- Find semantic concepts (emotional, rational) that characterize your real brand perception and generate brand positioning mapping.
- Learn on their marketing strategy: get signals and build interactive calendar on the actual competitor`s marketing tactics: new ads on display, new products launch, new content published.

- Identify strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors, to build more productive brand-marketing strategy and create real brand differentiation.
- Generate reports on your precise customer persona (interest graph, demographics, motivational triggers etc.)and potential customers (analyze competitors audience).
- Understand your audience better : Who are they? What do they like/dislike?.
- Find their true unmet needs.
- What content themes / trends engage more with the potential audience.
- Create more effective communication tactics that captivate your users.
Our uniquness:
The platform is built on the graph database and use complex correlation matrix that helps extract up-to-date market knowledge and insights. We're moving far beyond the simple metrics... Yes, we provide a bunch of them (more than 50, if you like beautiful reports and diagrams), but we offer much more - data-driven decisions to help your brand perform on its best.
Precise specialization:
We're the only brand monitoring platform to analyze precisely IT market, its data sources and its players (general tech, fintech, e-commerce, saas, etc. companies) with the pre-trained deep-learning modules for product features classification, knowledge extraction trends detection, sentiment analysis and Named Entity Recognition especially developed for the given industry
Semantiqa current state:
We're Testing MVP for high-load and for a variety of test companies preparing the service for production at
Contact us if you're interested to participate in the platform test period and analyze your brand performance.
We're looking for investment and acceleration opportunities (feel free to ask for precise marketing plans, pr, investor materials, and MVP presentation)